Welcome to English Gurukul

The Most Effective, Fun, and Simple Way to Learn English!

We assist kids in developing their listening, speaking, reading, writing abilities while also teaching them English in their own tongue.

Our goal is to educate teachers and students with the English language.

  • In 2020, former Microsoft employee and alumni of Dartmouth College founded English Gurukul. IELTS instructors and experts from Oxford University also joined us on our mission/journey.
  • We are a team of doers and dreamers with experience in a range of fields, including marketing, business, IT development, video designers, and senior content writers.
  • Our goal is to educate teachers and students with the English language so they can help inspire and motivate them to improve their English skills.
  • Children’s spoken English is improved through the use of amusing stories, music, and games, which also helps them do better on tests.
  • “Everyone learns in unique ways. Our ultimate objective is to give everyone access to a private tutor experience through technology”. At English Gurukul, we looked into the finest techniques used by teachers of English as a second language throughout the globe and created a methodology that is enjoyable and engaging through tales, speech, grammar, and word games.
  • Additionally there is a speech recognition option that allows you to practise pronouncing words and phrases for paying subscribers, as well as a library of videos featuring native speakers.