Being an Entrepreneur is the most challenging, yet fulfilling occupation. Having worked across the globe in large MNCs, I quit to follow my passion for entrepreneurship to make a difference, and founding #ENGLISHGURUKUL. Am loving it! #ENGLISHGURUKUL onboarded Geetanjali School in Shali-Gouraram, Telangana, a Tier 5 village, on to our platform. S.SreeChandana a 4th grade student learnt 12 concepts and answered 500+ questions in one month. She achieved this by working from 5 AM to 6 AM daily as that was the only window at which she had access to a mobile phone of her parents. This tenacity to learn with #ENGLISHGURUKUL is what gives us the satisfaction & inspiration to bring our platform to Tier 2, 3 & beyond schools. These students embody the spirit of what we are trying to empower! These students have enormous perseverance , resilience and if provided with good communication skills where they lack, they are going to go and do great things for India! #empowerpeople We need to empower our grassroots and specifically the next generation in grass roots! #nextgeneration

They confirmed that she uses the app every day from 5-6 AM in the morning! That is right in the morning at 5 AM to use the English Gurukul app. Her parents are farmers and they go farming early in the day and return late in the evening. So her access to parents' mobile is restricted. To have a mobile device, she gets up early in the morning, she wakes up early and uses English Gurukul. This is amazing and truly inspiring!



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