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Revolutionise English Education

Leveraging the mother tongue in English language instruction can be a powerful tool for enhancing comprehension, participation, and retention among learners.

"English isn't just a language; it's the passport to a broader, interconnected world." 

Learning English is extremely important and in this day and age a mandatory factor for enhancing job prospects, global connectivity, higher education, boosting confidence and cultural exchange.

Why English is important

Learning English through mother tongue

We listen first to our parents, neighbours then we speak.
Later we go to school and read and write.

We follow the same LSRW framework for English language learning





Our SMART approach follows the LSRW to improve English.

Get students to listen to a lot of fun stories, conversations etc.. 

Students should speak using Artificial Intelligence.

Read and Write.

Syllabus Based

Based on BSET, BSEAP, NCERT, and NEP, the content.

Syllabus Based

Based on BSET, BSEAP, NCERT, and NEP, the content.

Music and Stories

Interactive learning through music and storytelling

At Your Speed

Every pupil advances at their own pace

Regional Language

Using the child’s mother language, we instruct important ideas and new terms.

Talk Fluently

We instruct kids in proper English pronunciation before testing them and giving them immediate feedback.

How do we learn our mother tongue?

Uses of learning with Gen AI

The English Gurukul app can be accessed on your phone or tablet, so you can.


Our app offers personalized learning plans


Create stories and converations, share it with family and friends

Generate your content

Apps often include interactive features such as games, quizzes, and videos, which can make learning English more engaging and enjoyable.

Interactive features

With an app, you can receive immediate feedback on your progress and performance, which can help you identify areas for improvement and stay motivated.

Real-time feedback


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