Our Courses.

Each course is structured to facilitate progressive learning, ensuring that participants can transition smoothly from one level to the next as they enhance their command over the English language.


Beginners English Course

1) Practice through simple conversations and role-plays - (shopping, greetings, introducing themselves)

2) Grammar rules and sentence structures taught using stories and games! 

3) Development of basic reading and writing skills

Intermediate English Course

1) Expansion of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions using communicative approach

2) Focus on fluent and natural conversation skills

3) Helps to build confidence while speaking English

4) Intermediate grammar concepts with the help of stories

5) Improvement of reading comprehension and writing abilities

Advanced English Course

1) Mastery of advanced grammar and vocabulary

2) Enhancement of oral presentation and public speaking skills

3) In-depth reading analysis and advanced writing exercises

4) Focus on language precision, coherence, and eloquence

5) Improvement in writing skills

You can choose according to your need!


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