Learning through Mother Tongue

It fosters a learning environment where learners can connect new linguistic knowledge with their existing linguistic and cultural understanding, promoting a holistic and integrated learning experience.

However, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach, ensuring that the use of the mother tongue facilitates rather than hinders the acquisition of English proficiency.

~ Learning through Mother Tongue

Easy to understand

Connecting Concepts: Utilising the mother tongue as a bridge helps learners connect English words and phrases with familiar concepts, making the learning process more relatable and engaging.

Enhanced Understanding: Cultural nuances and meanings are better understood when explanations are given in the mother tongue.

2. Vocabulary Building:

Effective Translation: Learners can use their mother tongue as a reference to build and enhance their English vocabulary.

Contextual Learning: It allows learners to understand the usage of words and phrases within contexts that are culturally familiar.

3. Grammar and Syntax:

Comparative Learning: Learners can compare the grammatical structures of English with their mother tongue, facilitating a deeper understanding of language rules.

Clarifying Concepts: Complex grammatical concepts become easier to grasp when explained in the learner’s native language.

4. Reducing Anxiety:

Comfort and Confidence: Learning through the mother tongue can make the learner feel more at ease, reducing language anxiety.

Enhanced Participation: Learners are likely to participate more actively in class when instructions and clarifications are given in their mother tongue.

5. Bilingual Advantages:

Cognitive Benefits: Learning English through the mother tongue can enhance cognitive flexibility, as it nurtures the ability to think in multiple languages.

Language Interrelation: Understanding the relationship between the two languages can enhance overall language comprehension and usage.

6. Customised Learning:

Personalised Approach: Teaching strategies can be tailored based on the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the learners.

Effective Communication: Instructors can communicate more effectively, ensuring that concepts are accurately conveyed and understood.


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